Library Resources

Welcome to the Ventura Park Library Resources page!

Library Resources for Distance Learning

Multnomah County Library has some really great resources that all of our students and families should know about such as free tutoring, science kits, DVDs and of course books (physical, eBooks, audio books).

ALL DDSD students are ALREADY signed up for library cards using their student IDs.

This is a slide show for students and families with directions for where to go and how to sign in to the MCL website.
VP – Multnomah County Library checkout directions

This link will take you to the MCL page for Elementary Student resources.Multnomah County Library Resources K-5

This link is for a youtube video made by an MCL librarian explaining the resources available. Library Connect for Elementary Students

Our Library/Media Specialist

Ms. Aist

Our Library/Media Specialist is Ms. Aist. Here’s a short interview with her.

What made you want to be a librarian?

I love reading stories. I love looking at illustrations. I love reading books out loud. I even like the way books feel in my hands. I guess you could say I love pretty much all aspects of books, so working in a library is a great fit for me.

What is the most important thing you want students to get from visiting the school library? 

My hope is that every student finds at least one book with a story or information that lights up their life. Whether they find a story that opens a new fantastical, fictional world, or one that makes them feel like they are not alone in the real world we live in, or whether they find a book that give them answers for many questions they have about the universe… I believe there is at least one book that is a perfect match for every single student and it’s my greatest joy to help them find it.

What would you like parents to know about the school library?

I believe all libraries should be safe places for all people. If parents have any concerns about their child’s experience in the library I’d would love to hear from them so we can work together to create the kind of nurturing and peaceful environment we all probably dream of our kids having access to.

What are some books you are excited about sharing this year?

There are so many new books in our library this year and I am excited about all of them! I am especially excited about the new books we are adding to our foreign language collection!