Important School Information

START TIMES – Ventura Park’s start time is 9:10 a.m.  Students should be in their seats by 9:10 (10:10 Wednesdays) when community circle will begin. Students will be counted tardy after 9:15, but please note that all students should be here and ready for instruction by 9:10.

BREAKFAST IN CAFETERIA – 8:35 AM M/T/Th/F   9:35 AM Wednesday

VOLUNTEER APPLICATIONS – If you wish to volunteer or chaperone any time this year, please complete a Volunteer Application for the current school year.  These applications also allow access within the building after checking in with our office staff.  Only ONE Application per school year is required for all events.

SCHOOL LUNCHES – Please be prepared to provide a sack lunch or deposit money in the Meal Time Account system for your student.  Free and reduced lunch applications are sent home in the first day packet and may be obtained in the office the remainder of the year.  A new application is required for each school year.

PLT (PROFESSIONAL LEARNING TEAMS) Late Start Every Wednesday – Every Wednesday, the school day begins one hour later than the rest of the week, at 10:10am instead of 9:10am.  On Wednesdays, all buses pick up students one hour later than their regular time.

REDUCING INTERRUPTIONS FROM EARLY PICK-UPS  – Students are dismissed at 3:30PM, everyday Monday-Friday.  If you pick up your child at school, please plan to wait until 3:30PM. Please do not come to the office before 3:30PM to pick up your child, except in cases of emergency or illness.  At Ventura Park, students are not released from school early unless it is an emergency.  Picking up students interrupts your child’s learning and is disruptive to the class.  Please wait out front until 3:30PM on regular school days.  This will help ensure your child maximizes his or her learning opportunity each day.

SUN PROGRAM–Ventura Park is a SUN Community School. “SUN” stands for Schools Uniting Neighborhoods. SUN provides opportunities to engage in school and home connections, after-school activities, community events, etc. Please know that after-school classes have limited enrollment, and every effort is made to enroll students in an equitable manner. Read the VOV and watch for registration forms coming home throughout the school year for opportunities to enroll your child in after-school programs.

CHAMPIONS (before and after school child care)

Champions offers:

  • Before and after school programs beginning before school at 6:30 AM, and after school until 6:00 PM on school days
  • All day sessions on non-school days
  • Winter Break, Spring Break, and summer camp programs are open to all families – even those who don’t attend Champions during the week.
  • Champions is State Licensed and accepts DHS subsidy

Enroll today by visiting our online registration system at
For assistance enrolling or to learn more call Champions Customer Care at 1-800- 246-2154
Area Manager Sherri Burks may be reached at 503-701- 3488 or
Associate Area Manager Tim Oberg may be reached at 503-388- 0811 or