Academic Resources

Students can access current digital curriculum apps and our online library, Sora, from a home or public computer for extra practice, enrichment, and fun games! Open this Slideshow for detailed instructions and pictures of how to sign in. Or scroll down on this page for a summary. If you need help, contact our Elementary Lab Tech/Computer Lab Teacher,

Student digital curriculum apps will be available until August 9. Between August 9 and the start of the new school year, apps may be unavailable as class rosters are updated for the new year.

For the fun VP Games webpage, Grades 3-5 students from 2023-24 will find a link in their Google Classroom. K-2 students, go to Clever then click on “Mrs. Sauer’s Computer Lab K-3”. Or click on this VP Games link and bookmark it for easy access without signing in.

To sign in :

  1. Open a browser window (such as Chrome) and enter “DDSD” into a search engine.  
  2. Click on “David Douglas School District: Home”.  You can bookmark this page for easy access!
  3. Click on “Students” then moving the cursor straight down, click on “Google Student Login”

4. Enter the student’s user name (6-digit school student ID number starting with 7) and password (student’s 8 digit birthday, with no punctuation). Numbers must be entered exactly correctly with no punctuation or extra spaces.  Click the eyeball icon to see the password digits as you enter them.  For example a student’s sign in  whose birthday is 6/16/2013  might look like this:

If you don’t know your student’s ID number, check with your student’s teacher or the VP office. For help with logging in, call the DDSD Help Desk at 503-256-6521.

5. Next you will see your student’s dashboard.  Ask them to show you some of the awesome educational programs and games we use at VP!

6. Use this link to access school-approved, favorite student games. Bookmark it on your device for easy access!

VP Games Website

7. To get to Sora, VP’s online library, after signing in, open Google Classroom, click the “waffle button” or “9 dots button” near the upper right corner, then scroll down within the window of apps all the way to the bottom.  The Sora icon looks like a marshmallow wearing a spacesuit.  In Sora, students can check out books and read them right on the computer screen.  Some are audio books that will read to your student.  

If Sora does not appear as an icon under the waffle button, click this Sora Link, and bookmark it for easy access.

8. Click on “Ventura Park Elementary”

8. Click on “SORA”

9. Click on “Sign in using David Douglas School District”

Once signed into Sora, students can borrow books to read onscreen or listen to.  They can put books on hold that are already in use by other users.  Come back in a few days so see if your hold books are available!

Have fun learning!