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Dear Ventura Park School Community:ventura Park b & w 1

These are exciting times at Ventura Park! I am proud of the work our school community is doing to ensure Ventura Park Elementary continues to be a safe, welcoming, supportive community of learners — where every member of the school community works collaboratively with others to ensure ALL STUDENTS make meaningful social, emotional and academic growth. Every member of the school community plays a vital role in this process — especially YOU: parents and community members.

My vision for Ventura Park Elementary is that all students actively engage in their learning, and experience school as a safe, positive, appropriately challenging and supportive environment. I also envision the VP school community being a community for learning, where professional educator-student relationships and school-family connections foster equitable, meaningful social, emotional and academic growth for every child. VP’s staff is committed to providing the support and opportunities necessary to support student learning and growth. I am committed to making sure we, as a school community, accomplish this mission.

Ventura Park is a SUN Community School. SUN stands for “Schools Uniting Neighborhoods.” SUN services provide academic and enrichment opportunities to students, families and the school community. Your input and participation as a parent and community member is a valuable part of the SUN school process; watch for opportunities to volunteer, provide advisory input, and participate in school community programming, activities and events. Learn more about VP’s SUN programming at: http://venturaparkcommunity.wordpress.com/.


Ventura Park is also now a Playworks school. Our entire staff has been trained by Playworks to provide increased opportunities for play as a research-based strategy that fosters student learning and growth as well as the health and wellness of all students and of the school as a whole. Being a Playworks school also means conflict-resolution skill-building is included for all students during recess everyday, and at periodic classroom instruction times. Learn more about Playworks at: http://www.playworks.org/.


Ventura Park’s Parent Teacher Organization is an active, highly supportive group of parent leaders who care deeply about supporting all students by supporting the school and enriching the opportunities for school-community activities. The PTO supports the school community as a whole, in addition to providing support directly to Ventura Park’s the teaching staff. Watch for announcements and school support opportunities available through the VP-PTO. All parents and guardians are welcome to get involved! Meetings are on the first Wednesday of the month from 6-7 p.m. in the Ventura Park library, and child care is provided. Learn more about the VP-PTO at: http://venturaparkpto.weebly.com/.


VP staff is committed to fulfilling the David Douglas School District vision of providing meaningful, equitable opportunities for all to grow and thrive within supportive communities of learners. Contact your child’s teacher, SUN site manager Erika Levison, Reading Specialist Sadie Faber, or myself if you have questions about opportunities to participate in the supportive community of learners at Ventura Park.



Jakob Curtis
Ventura Park Elementary


School Contacts

145 SE 117th Ave

Portland, Oregon 97216

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Fax: 503-261-8439


Jakob Curtis 

Julie Nichols 

Records Secretary
Barbie Racioppi

Jennifer Colson 

SUN Site Coordinator
Erika Levison 

Head Custodian
Greg Robinson